Friday, November 9, 2012

Translator must have a web-site.

~Mykhailo Voloshko

The above five words explained
At some point in freelance career, a professional translator will need a web-site. In the beginning, you need a CV, where you show to potential clients that they should choose you as a translator of their valuable content.

However, after the years of professional experience — if you do everything right — you come to the point where you decide whose content you will translate. You don't need a CV any more. You don't have to prove you're an expert any more. You're not looking for work any more. Now the work finds you.

In that case, you rather need some kind of brochure or a web-site where you highlight your services, experience, testimonials, case studies, you name it. Just as any non-translation company would do. 

I did so. You can visit my professional translation web-site. Your feedback is welcome.

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